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IGIndiaBIZ virtual shopping mall is very similar to real life shopping as it is more enjoyable compared to e-commerce websites. Users can visit several shops about their shopping preferences. The big advantage is that this type of shopping can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere.
Users do not have to physically move to a shop to buy their products. Irrespective of weather conditions, users can easily surf on the web and shop whenever they want. Products can be delivered directly to customers’ home or to their preferred location.

In current market scenario, brands are launching virtual shopping centers to recreate the traditional shopping experience online. These range from virtual street fronts to large-scale digital shopping centers and allow owners to showcase their products to a niche, virtual community.

Present situation has forced many consumers to remain indoors, without the opportunity to easily acquire the goods they had access to before. Many consumers are looking for streamlined and convenient solutions to continue their previous shopping habits and are turning to brands to provide a curated selection of products to browse.

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IgindiaBIZ carries on the business of providing information about Vendors (defined hereinafter) of various products and services ("Information") in selected towns and cities in India ("Service") to end users. IgindiaBIZ is local search engine and it primarily provides directory services to its Callers/Users as per their requirements & searches made on IgindiaBIZ’s portals in as much as this terms of use is concerned as applicable to the vendors. IgindiaBIZ search service is available to users through multiple platform viz., Internet, mobile internet, telephone (voice, text & SMS). IgindiaBIZ is merely a medium which connects general public with vendor’s goods and services listed on IgindiaBIZ, however, at the same time it does not intend to guarantee any business to such Vendors. For Details of Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, please visit

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